Millbury May Get Role In Documentary On Best Places To Live

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Millbury Town Manager Bob Spain (file photo) says the town may be the subject of the television documentary, "Communities of Distinction," hosted by Terry Bradshaw.
Millbury Town Manager Bob Spain (file photo) says the town may be the subject of the television documentary, "Communities of Distinction," hosted by Terry Bradshaw. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — Millbury is being considered for a role in a television documentary called “Communities of Distinction” that will highlight some of the best places to live.

Producers of the show contacted Town Manager Bob Spain and said Millbury was being looked at as a possible candidate, he told the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday evening. 

Producer Keith Coombs said the show highlights the discovery of what makes an area desirable to live, work, play and visit, Spain told the board. Is it economic strength, highly ranked schools, top-notch health care, one-of-a-kind events, unique landmarks or quality of life? What keeps lifelong residents from leaving and turns newcomers into longtime residents?

Terry Bradshaw, former Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl-winning quarterback and host of Fox’s "NFL Sunday," hosts the show. It is produced in Coral Gables, Fla., but filmed on location. The show airs on the Fox Business Network, Fox and ABC stations as well as regional stations.

The producers will conduct a conference call with town leaders, residents and businessmen within the next week to make a final determination about Millbury, Spain said. Anyone interested in joining the conference call can contact the town manager’s office at 508-865-4710.

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Comments (10)

$20,000.00 will make Millbury a Community of Distinction.

I grew up in Millbury and lived there with my husband for almost 10 more years. But when we started looking into the school system, we opted for Grafton instead. Towns go through cycles- and as the number of older residents grows, the school system gets less attention. Millbury was in that place at the time.

Did you actually sell a house and move to the next town over just because of the school system? I personally don't think that Millbury's is that bad relative to Grafton. I could understand moving to Wellesley from say Mattapan, but Grafton from Millbury?


How can you say Millbury has a horrible school system? I think the school system is like most others, in that a kid gets out of it what he or she puts into it. I am a recent product of the Millbury Public School System and I loved every minute of my time there, especially in the high school. Sure, compared to some of my peers in college I didn't have the same huge selection of AP classes or some extracurriculars, but that is the trade off of being enrolled in a small school system where everybody knows you.

Young Townie, Let me clarify. First, I am happy that you were able to get what you needed from the school system! I think that Millbury does a great job catering to the average student (I am by no way inferring that you are not an above average student academically); however, for students that may have more needs (gifted or otherwise), or would perhaps just like more choices, cannot get those needs met from Millbury. Personally, I think choices are key to a good education and Millbury does not provide those choices.

I absolutely LOVE Millbury, I just want to keep it our little secret. Just me and my good friends and fellow woolies duvad15 and loralye. Maybe we can all go to an upcoming Ed Markey rally together.

Best places to live, really?!? We have a horrible school system which offers our students very little choices, actually it doesn't offer much to children in general. Personally, I cannot wait for the market to turn around so we can move far away from this town!

You positive attitude amazes me liberal.....

Way to support the town that you choose to live in!

Are you sure they don't have us confused with Mayberry?