Krumsiek Uses 'Common Sense' Approach In Selectman Bid

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Mary Krumsiek is running for one of two Millbury Board of Selectmen seats open in April.
Mary Krumsiek is running for one of two Millbury Board of Selectmen seats open in April. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — The Millbury Board of Selectmen race has started heating up, with incumbent Brian Ashmankas and former Selectman Joe Coggans announcing bids to run. But Mary Krumsiek has also announced her intention to run of one of the two open seats and brings to the table a wealth of service and volunteerism in the town.

Krumsiek discussed her candidacy with The Daily Voice at the Millbury Senior Center, where she has been volunteering for more than 17 years.

“I’ve always been interested in town politics, my entire life,” Krumsiek said. “And I ran for Housing Authority three years ago, and I decided that this is the right time for me.”

Krumsiek is chair of the Millbury Public Access Television Advisory Board and sits on the Housing Authority. She also has volunteered with the Bicentennial Ball Committee and the Chain of Lights, and has done various volunteer work in Sutton. And she has a full-time job running the Dudley-Gendron American Legion Post in Sutton.

Krumsiek spoke briefly about Millbury’s new police chief Kenny Howell. She met Howell both during the interview process at Town Hall and at the welcoming open house at the Asa Waters Mansion.

“I was really impressed with him, and think he’s going to do a great job here,” she said. “I do think we need to all get behind him and give him our support.”

If successful in her campaign, Krumsiek would become just the third female selectman in Millbury history, behind Mabel Stockwell and recently elected Sandy Cristo. “Mabel is kind of my hero here,” Krumsek said. “I met her once when I was younger, and she was someone I really looked up to.”

One of the issues she has been working on and will continue with is the Housing Authority's role, which under Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan would become more regional. Krumsek believes that the towns should retain control over their housing issues, as they would run operations much more effectively.

Krumsiek is firmly behind the development of new businesses in the town and wants to see more of them. And asked what her campaign slogan is, Krumsek replied with a perfect bicentennial year answer, “Common sense for the common people,” she said.

Krumsiek will hold a fundraising pancake breakfast at Scales Restaurant from 8 to 11 a.m. March 3.

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Comments (5)

Fact check....she would be the fourth woman selectman. The first was Miss Diana Hill, back in the late 1950's.

Mary is civic minded and has always had the peopleof Millbury and their best interest at heart

I think Mary will be a great addition to the board.

It would be real nice to have someone in there with some common sense !!!