Police Chief Hopefuls To Meet And Greet Millbury Dec 13

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Retired Shrewsbury Chief of Police Wayne Sampson, who heads up Public Safety Consultants, aided the town in the finding of the next police chief.
Retired Shrewsbury Chief of Police Wayne Sampson, who heads up Public Safety Consultants, aided the town in the finding of the next police chief. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — Millbury residents will get a chance to meet and greet with the next chief of police from 7 to 8 p.m. Dec. 13 in the Large Conference Room at Millbury Town Hall.

The search has been on the past several months for the eventual replacement for Chief Mark Moore, who stepped down in November for health reasons after 30 years on the job. The town hired Public Safety Consultants, headed by the retired Shrewsbury police chief, to aid in its search for the next chief.

After sifting through many applications, the town has narrowed its options to a final handful of candidates. On Thursday, the process continues with a panel of town officials and select residents to ask questions of the final candidates from 6 to 7 p.m.

Then the public will be able to do a meet and greet with all the candidates for the chief’s position, followed by formal interviews with the Board of Selectmen. The choice will then be made Dec. 18 and the town should have its next permanent chief.

In the meantime, Sgt Donald Desorcy remains the acting chief. Desorcy also filled in from July-October 2011 when Chief Richard Handfield retired.

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Comments (3)

Wow, sounds like Homey is a little jealous of this candidate. I wonder if Homey is one of the other candidates trying to toss some mud around. I looked at the article and read the above response from ROLIVO who I assume is the reporter. It appears that this is a very capable and competent candidate that someone is trying to attack. I wonder the motive. As a taxpayer of Millbury one would hope that the person selected has ties to the area and not just use the Town as a stepping stone. After a google search on Captain Lee I was impressed that he lives in Massachusetts and has arrested a serial murderer. He seems to have what it takes to make Millbury a safer place to live. Happy Holidays Homey and stop whining. We dont want crybabies in Millbury.

For the record, The Call of Woonsocket did get an anonymous letter that Lee was among four finalists, and Lee did reluctantly acknowledge that he was still "in the process." He never said he was a finalist. The reporter concluded based on interviews with all the parties involved that he must indeed by one of the final four.

Take a look at this link and share in my disgust.


You have got to be kidding me? Just Google this guy and it is absolutely obvious that he is a self-promoter who uses the same media contacts that he works with to release department information to also do his own personal press releases. If it were just about stroking his ego I could live with this, but this goes much further. The Millbury Chief of Police "process" is supposed to be confidential yet SOMEHOW and SOME WAY the ONLY piece of information that manages to come to the attention of the hometown paper is that this guy is a finalist? None of the other candidates were revealed? Just him? Does that sound odd to you?

It ought to, and it certainly does to anyone who knows how these things work and here's why - when you are a finalist the town notifies you, tells you to keep that confidential until they release the information publicly, but they do not tell you who else is a finalist along with you until the results are made public. That means that the only reason that the paper would know and could know that Lee is a finalist is because when he got notified that he was a finalist someone made sure the paper knew about it too! Now who do you think is responsible for that?

MIRACULOUSLY the paper got an "anonymous" report that he and ONLY he is a finalist so they call him to confirm. That is standard practice, but what happens next is even more telling. Rather than say he can't confirm anything other than that he applied because the process is confidential until later this month out of respect for the process, Lee self-promotes and confirms that he is in fact a finalist, albeit "reluctantly" according to the article- Yeah right!

There is absolutely no reason and no excuse for this! If Lee can't be trusted to keep his lips sealed and respect the confidentiality of the process until Millbury announces their finalists, why on earth would Millbury, or ANY other department for that matter, trust him with their secrets and the reigns to their department? This sheds light not only on Lee, but also on the process that picked him. Wake up, Blackstone Valley. This guy may be a "good guy", but a trustworthy and worthy chief of police? I think not.