Millbury Selectmen Honor Retiring Police Chief Moore

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Retiring Police Chief Mark Moore is congratulated by state Sen. Mike Moore. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri
State Rep. Paul Frost, (third from left) reads a proclamation honoring Chief Mark Moore (second from left) on the occasion of his retirement. Millbury's selectmen and town manager Bob Spain look on. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri
Board of Selectmen Chairman E. Bernard Plante makes a presentation on behalf of the town to retiring Police Chief Mark Moore. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — The Millbury Board of Selectmen honored retiring Chief of Police Mark Moore on Tuesday evening after more than 30 years of service to the town.

“Mark stepped up when he was needed and gave 180 percent,” Selectmen Chairman E. Bernard Plante said. “He provided leadership and brought the department up to speed on where we should be. He instituted policies and procedures that were sorely needed."

Plante gave Moore a token of respect from the town as well as his chief’s badge, saying he may “need it in your undercover work in Florida” and making a joke about Moore’s goatee grown since he stepped down in November.

Moore said he was asked more than once, “Why would you do that?” in regards to becoming the police chief, joking that even his wife asked him that.

He said he took the job because he was needed and because he was asked to. Moore was joined at the meeting by his wife and several family members as well as members of the department.

State Sen. Michael Moore (D-Millbury) and state Rep. Paul Frost read proclamations honoring Moore from the Massachusetts State Senate and House on the occasion of his retirement.

Moore thanked many in town who supported him, notably Town Manager Bob Spain, Town Clerk Jayne Davolio and Finance Director Brian Turbitt as well as the support of the Police Department.

In other police news, Millbury received a grant of more than $50,000 from the Department of Homeland Security for new portable radios for its police officers, Spain said.

The grant, Spain said, would upgrade the department's portable radios, which at times are officers' only lifeline when outside police cruisers. It was not known when the new radios would be available.

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Comments (18)


What is this "Truth"? Is it stranger than fiction? Does chief Howell now know the truth? Paul Pierce is known as "The Truth". Give us the truth! We can handle the truth!


The two officers we met at the Community band concert this summer at the HS were great guys. Been in this town for 20years and they've always been great.


I wonder if the new chief will be reading these comments?


Territorial integrity: Please explain why it was so disgusting that ALL officers werent there to wish the departing chief well? How exactly does that speak volumes to their character if they did not attend? The boss where I work just retired after two decades and there was a public ceremony, but I had other commitments. Is my character any less?

Good luck to Chief Moore in his retirement. He must be relieved to leave behind such an unprofessional and uneducated bunch.


I’m not a police officer, just a citizen, but is it possible that some of the police officers who did not attend might simply have been on duty at the time? It would be poor policing to leave the town un-policed.


Alanzo, Bob.Guyan, Woolieforlife, Territorial Integrity, You all need to shut up! Not one of you know what the hell your talking about or what the truth is.If any of you really want to know the truth feel free to contact me anytime and I will be happy to share all the true facts with all of you. Bobby you know whats been going on so you should be the last one to comment on anything.

Territorial integrity:

Just wondering how one might know that only 3 officers were there to support Moore when the cameras did not show the audience?!? Im going to go with the disgruntled officer vote on this one. Disgusting that all officers werent there to wish the departing chief well, speaks volumes to the character of those who did not! Also disgusting that an officer who wont use his/her name on the blog would question the integrity of one who does. Again, speaks volumes...


Territorial this just shows how intelligent you really are. Maybe just maybe I was there. As for the other officers not showing up I commend the for standing there ground and being to faced.


I would respectfully request everyone to please stop talking about the problems within the police department. It's time to put this ALL to rest and move on.


Woolieforlife you saw honorable police officers in the audience? Were we watching the same meeting? How many police officers are there in the police dept? 3? I have read the blogs, the papers and listen to all the towns people and I obviously know what's going on and you don't. You can really sit here and say Moore had a 30 year stellar career and retired? I believe he was forced out. We can only hope that the truth will come out soon. As for you Guyan how dare you say you bleed integrity, the rumor around town is you and your friends won't last a week with the new chief. You should see shame when you look in the mirror because you know first hand what was going on in the police dept


If you notice alanzo my name is not hidden.....I bleed integrity which Is what is lacking in these so called "cancers of the department" which you speak of and obvbiously know so well....There is no shadow of shame behind me when I look in the mirror every day because I already know what image I will see......Congrats Chief Moore on a stellar career and good luck in the future....wherever that road takes you.


Wow alanzo, either you are a very disgruntled police officer who was on the wrong end of Chief Moore doing the right thing, or you are someone very close to one of those people. You are right, the truth will come out about how Chief Moore had a stellar 30 year career and retired at the time when he should have! But, other truths will be coming out soon enough, stay tuned.. You may want to rethink your allegiance alanzo, this could get very ugly! Congratulations Chief Moore on a stellar career and the citizens of Millbury thank you for your service and wish you a long and healthy retirement! I for one saw many honorable police officers in the audience supporting Chief Moore, but as bob said, who are we??


Wollieforlife you saw honorable police officers in the Audience? Were we watching the same meeting? How many police officers are there in the department? Only four? I've read the papers, the blogs, and listen to people around town I obviously know what's going on and you don't. As for you Guyan how dare you say you bleed integrity, the rumor around town is you and your friends won't last one week with the new chief.


Listening to rumors and blogs huh???.....Maybe thats the funny and sad at the same time.....


I was talking about real cops not the cancers of your department. I do know what I'm talking about. It was nice to see you there. Oh that's right you must have had something to do. Why don't you tell the fine people of Millbury why he left 20 days early. It's eventually going to come out


Thats funny alanzo.....I thought for sure I saw police officers there....but who am I????.....Its quite obvious you know what your talking about!!!!


Really!!! Hopefully someday the truth will come out why he really stepped down, or was he fired that's the real question.. Am I the only one to find it odd that he had zero supporters there from the police department. Must have done one hell of a job.

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