Millbury Letter: Tim Cluett Outlines Run For Selectmen Seat

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Millbury Firefighter Tim Cluett is running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.
Millbury Firefighter Tim Cluett is running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tim Cluett

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To The Editor:

I have been a resident of Millbury since 1984 and graduated from Millbury Memorial High School in 1988. I joined the Millbury Fire Department in February 1989 and remain active today. I am chairman of the Millbury Youth Commission, which started in December 2012.

My son, Aaron Scott Cluett, will be graduating this year from Millbury Memorial High School and entering into the Army in June.

In high school, I was active with Students Against Drunk Driving and played varsity baseball and football. After graduating in 1988, I worked as an automotive parts adviser for Bancroft Motors in Worcester for six years and was promoted to assistant parts manager for Edward Buick in Worcester for one year. I moved to an automotive parts manager position for Herb Chambers Chrysler of Millbury for five years.

I am currently starting my seventh year as a correctional officer, working in the Transportation Department as a deputy sheriff at the Worcester House of Corrections and Jail in West Boylston. 

I am a member of I.A.T.S.E Local 96 Stagehand at the DCU Center in Worcester and Hanover Theater and a 25-year union worker setting up concerts, trade shows, ice hockey games and theater productions.

For the Millbury Fire Department, I am a 25-year firefighter assigned to the Fire Headquarters and Rescue. I am treasurer and secretary of Fire Headquarters Company, keeping minutes of meetings and financial records for our company.

As a firefighter, I have multiple certificates from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy and have participated in the Worcester Fire Training on Rapid Intervention and our own Millbury Fire Training.

I have been involved with the Millbury Fire Prevention program for my 25 years as a firefighter and for the past six years as coordinator of the Millbury Fire Field Day. 

I am a landlord of a three-family home, which I purchased in 1996. My hobbies include playing softball and I'm a former Worcester Flag Football player for the Millbury Monsoon. I enjoy watching the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots. I’ve ben a disc jockey for more than 25 years.

I have been involved with many fundraisers in Millbury, including the “Night Out at Hanover Theater” production of Broadway Musical Moving Out to raise money for the Woolie World Playground on Washington Street.

Another fundraiser I worked on was for the Owen Carrignan Sports Fund, with the support from Millbury standout and Major League pitcher Ron Darling. The raffle brought in more than $2,500.

My goal as selectman is to bring common sense and heart to the Board of Selectmen. In these hard times of financial deficits, we need someone to bring a new direction and new ideas to work in making the town level funded.

With my experience in management and leadership, we can find ways to bring and work with small businesses in town. I look to keep moving forward with our school department in education. When asked a question, I will research and follow-up in a reasonable time. My goal is to give confidence in the process and to answer the question to the best of my ability. By doing all this we can overcome the difference to keep the town level funded without change.

If change is needed, working together as a strong Board of Selectmen will provide the most for each taxpayer.

Please vote for me on April 30.

·        Sincerely,

Timothy Scott Cluett

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Comments (3)

Tim, your heart is in the right place. Keep an open mind, and good luck on April 30.