Letter: Millbury Seeks Donations for Town Common Clock

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Leonard Mort of the Millbury Redevelopment Authority with a conceptual photo of Millbury Town Common with the clock in place.
Leonard Mort of the Millbury Redevelopment Authority with a conceptual photo of Millbury Town Common with the clock in place. Photo Credit: Kevin Krassopoluos

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To the Editor,

Over the years, many changes have come to Millbury, and historical buildings and old family businesses that built the structure of Millbury center have been lost forever.

The Millbury Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has brought forward a plan in conjunction with the Millbury DPW’s plan to redesign the lower common, which lost much of its charm many years ago.

The MRA unveiled to the Board of Selectmen at its meeting on Jan. 10, 2012, a plan to purchase and install a reproduction four-dial historic sidewalk clock on the common along with a seating area for residents to sit and enjoy the center of Armory Village. This plan has garnered the approval of the Board of Selectmen. This clock is cast in aluminum from the original patterns (molds) made by a Massachusetts pattern maker who learned his trade in Worcester at Boys Trade School for the Waltham Clock Company. The patterns were purchased by the Electric Time Company in Medfield, Mass., at an antique shop and resurrected.

The clock is historic on the outside but modern on the inside and all made here in Massachusetts. Lighted with low voltage LEDs, the time is controlled by satellite GPS. If power fails, when it returns the atomic clock will reset the time as well as daylight savings time. This will be a great timepiece addition to the common. The clock may be viewed in the Town Hall, or watch the “Millbury Common Revitalization” program on the local cable access channels, Verizon 28 or Charter 13.

This project will become a silent sentinel for many years into the future for all to enjoy.

This project is not funded with taxpayer dollars and will only be made possible with the generous donations of concerned residents of Millbury as well as local businesses, organizations and developers who are concerned with restoring beauty to the center of our community, Armory Village.

The members of the Redevelopment Authority ask your help in bringing this project to fruition, in time for the anniversary of Millbury in 2013.

Questions can be addressed to the Authority at Town Hall or by emailing redevelopment@townofmillbury.net.

Donations may be made to: Millbury Redevelopment Authority, Millbury Municipal Office Building, 127 Elm St., Millbury, MA 01527.

Leonard Mort
Millbury Redevelopment Authority

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