Running the Marathon

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The 114th Boston Marathon will wind its way to Boston via Hopkinton on Monday, April 19. All roads leading into Hopkinton will be closed at 7:30 a.m. until shortly before noontime, when the runners have passed through and the area is cleaned up.

Starting last year, the race has been moved to morning hours rather than the usual noon start in the past. Race organizers said last year, the reason for the change was due to complaints from runners who had to compete in the hot afternoon sun, and the town's who sponsored the race would rather have the cleanup process end earlier so commuter traffic would not be affected.

Start times for the various races are now: Push Rim Wheelchair start at 9:17 a.m.; Elite Women start at 9:32 a.m.; Elite Men and Wave 1 start at 10 a.m.; and Wave 2 start at 10:30 a.m.

The "Waves" refers to the process the Boston Athletic Association started several years ago to better organize the runners before the race, and to have the start area less clogged as runners go by. The first 13,999 runners are in the first wave, and the remaining runners - which can be upwards of 25,000 people - are in the second wave. The number given to the runner is based on their qualifying time for the race.

Parking in Hopkinton is extremely limited, so if you plan on going to the race, park either at the Hopkinton State Park on Route 85 (you must get there via Southborough), or at a designated lot on South Street. Buses will transport you to and from these areas to the start line. They run often throughout the morning, and after the runners are out of town.

Whether you go to the start, the finish in Boston, watch it on TV or go to to get results, cheer on your fellow neighbors for this huge accomplishment. Millbury runners competing are: Jaimie Gosselin, Scott Maguire, Deborah Peak, Elvera Pingeton, Beverly Ricciardone, Thomas Romano, Adam Waitkevich, and Paula Wascavage.

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