Millbury Youth Commission Reorganizes After Many Years

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Members of the Millbury Youth Commission pose for a picture with Selectman Brian Ashmankas (far right), the commission elected Tim Cluett (center) as its chairman. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — The Millbury Youth Commission recently was re-organized after many years and met for the first time in its new form Wednesday evening at Millbury Town Hall.

The idea to reorganize the commission was proposed recently to Town Manager Bob Spain by Selectman Brian Ashmankas who wanted to promote a positive atmosphere for the town.

“We spoke about how there is a Council on Aging, why not a council for youth,” Ashmankas said. “We mentioned the many youth summer programs from more than 20 years ago, and why we didn't re-institute those.”

Spain was enthusiastic and backed his support for the program and attended the first meeting as well in an unofficial capacity but in a supporting role. He spoke to the group and praised the ideas that were being passed around the table and pledged his support to ensure Millbury’s youth increase their quality of life, as well as become productive citizens of the town.

Millbury Firefighter Tim Cluett was chosen as the commission's chairman after volunteering for the job.

The mission statement includes that the commission “shall plan, organize and implement recreational and educational programs and activities meant to benefit youth of all ages, interests and backgrounds in the Town of Millbury.”

Its goals further stated it will “provide a safe environment for young people to learn, recreate and bond throughout the year; to develop programs and activities that appeal to and draw young people of all types; to provide opportunities to young people for learning and developing.”

And finally, “to prevent and reduce drug-use among young people in the community.” The commission also was joined by Bruce Nichols, who headed up the commission in the past and who offered his support and said he would gladly share any of his previous work if it would help.

The commission will meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the Millbury Town Hall Small Conference Room. The next scheduled meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 2.

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The "nook" is across the street from The Butler Farm Property. Used to be a house there where functions were held and there were docks and people would take boats out. It's just a patch of overgrown weeds now and the neighbors wouldn't like "intruders" if someone was to try and do something there now.

So this article doesn't even mention who all the members are. You'd think that would be notable information about a new committee.


It's a good time to re-organize because hey, they're not gettin any younger! I just wish that they would bring back swimming lessons at the "nook". Seems like every older person in town learned to swim at the "nook". So just where is the "nook"?

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