MIllbury DPW, WRTA Team Up For New Bus Stop Shelters

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Jonathan Church of the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission, Stephen O'Neil from the Worcester Regional Transit Authority and Matthew Stencel of the Millbury DPW show off the new bus stop shelter on Elm Street in Millbury. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — The Worcester Regional Transit Authority has teamed with the Millbury Department of Public Works to build a new shelter at the bus stop outside the senior living center at 95 Elm St. It is one of several new shelters planned for bus stops in town.

The newest shelter was toured Monday afternoon by Stephen O’Neil, Regional Transit Authority administrator; Jonathan Church, vice president for chapter affairs, Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association, and project manager for the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission; and Matthew Stencel, operations manager for the Millbury DPW.

“The structures cost about $6,000 each, but when we team up with the town DPW for actually putting the buildings up instead of hiring outside erectors, we save the towns about $1,500-$2,000 for each structure,” O’Neil said.

The Regional Transit Authority foots the cost of buying the structures, and the town supplies the labor of putting them together. The structures come in a kit from the manufacturer.

“The structure put together by Millbury DPW workers took about a day,” Stencel said. “But now that we’ve learned the system and have done it now, we can put one of these together in probably 2-3 hours in the future.”

A tricky portion of the building process last week was the slope of the sidewalk in front of the senior living center, Stencel said.

“Because they come with a boot that fits at the bottom, we can adjust for the slope and keep the structure and bench level without having to tear up the concrete sidewalk,” he said.

The value of the new bench was evident Monday afternoon, as seniors waiting for buses were able to sit protected from the elements. Stencel said more bus stop shelters will be built or replaced in Millbury in the near future.

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Comments (4)


Now the senior citizens just need to make sure they aren't simply sitting there, but are actually waiting for the bus. As a weekly rider of the 22 route, the driver has had to stop numerous times for folks who are just sitting there and don't need the bus. It blocks all sorts of traffic.


wait a sec, isn't there a shelter and a bench only a few feet away? What a silly structure for that spot. And another one across the intersection.
"We can put one up in 2-3 hours". Where would you need to? On the other two corners?

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