Millbury's Peter Boll Of Troop 110 Named Eagle Scout

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Peter Boll, the newest Eagle Scout in Millbury, poses with his parents shortly after receiving the news that he passed his Eagle review board. Photo Credit: Steve Balestrieri

MILLBURY, Mass. — Millbury resident and Boy Scout Peter Boll passed his Eagle review board Monday evening and became the most recent Eagle Scout in Millbury.

Boll, a junior at Millbury High School, has been involved in scouting since 2003. He is a member of Troop 110 and is active in many school activities, including band and drama club, and running the lights and sound system for various functions. He has also been a volunteer at UMass Medical Center.

Boll also runs his own DJ business and plans to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, FL and eventually become involved in the recording industry as a producer.

All scouts vying for Eagle Scout are required to do a project that helps their community. Boll’s, done at Millbury High, was more than a year in the planning phase. A storage area for the Music and Theater Departments in the school's basement was jammed-packed and virtually impassable. It was so cluttered that the Fire Marshall had cited that area of the school as a fire hazard.

Boll put together a plan for cleaning out the basement, finishing the concrete floor in areas that needed it, throwing out things no longer needed, building a fenced-in area for certain valuable items for the theater department, and building shelves and organizing the entire area.

The work - with 20 other scouts, friends and family members - took about 4 days to complete. “We filled up two dumpsters with trash,” Boll said. “I then organized us into teams, and the work went pretty smoothly,” he added.

Using all donated materials, and fencing supplied by Miller Fence, the area is now tidy, secure and safe. Boll’s work was also lauded by the school’s staff and the Millbury School Committee.

Boll and his Scout Master, Tom Barry, will be honored guests at January’s Eagle Scout dinner in the area. About 400 Eagle Scouts will attend and welcome Boll into the highest realm of scouting.

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Comments (2)


Congrats to Peter and his family for their supporting him through scouting. A great guy from a great family!
Linda.......(Tim and Pauline's friend)


His name isn't Paul. Just to clarify.

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