Cub Scouts Pack 108 Celebrates Millbury History, Earns Awards

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Cub Scouts from Pack 108 enjoy their Blue and Gold awards dinner.
Cub Scouts from Pack 108 enjoy their Blue and Gold awards dinner. Photo Credit: Andrea Gorman

MILLBURY, Mass. — Cub Scout Pack 108 of Millbury celebrated the 103rd anniversary of Scouting as well as Millbury's bicentennial at its annual Blue and Gold banquet as family members brought favorite dishes for a potluck-style dinner.

Each Scout baked and decorated a cake celebrating one aspect of Millbury's history. The cakes were auctioned as a fundraiser for the Friends of Scouting campaign and the Pack. Several went for more than $40. Members of Boy Scout Troop 110 helped as well.

Many family members also witnessed as sons, grandchildren or nephews earned their ranks. Each new Scout must first earn their Bobcat Rank, which involves understanding the customs and core values of Scouting. Gabe Mimo, a scout for only two weeks, earned his Bobcat rank and is working on his Wolf badge requirements. First-graders Mason DeCaire, Nathan Depappa, Matthew Grenier, Cole Perea and Adam Sjolander earned their Tiger Cub rank badges.

Jack Henry, Jimmy Hoban, Patrick Hoban and Chris Talbot all earned their Wolf rank badges. Third-graders Ryan Gleason, Jacob Goyette, Nicholas MacKoul, Seth Moore, Adam Moroney and Jake Thompson earned their Bear rank badges. These boys will now be able to work on elective activities, which include the new STEM/NOVA awards.

Fourth-graders Teddy Amsden, John Gorman and Rocky Perea earned their Webelos rank badges. As Webelos, the Cubs can work on 20 activity badges such as science, engineer, sportsman, craftsman and readyman. The boys earned at least seven activity badges, so they also received their Compass Point Emblems.  

John Gorman was presented his 1st compass point for earning more than 11 activity badges. The second year Webelos or Arrow of Light Den, Matthew Carey and Daniel Piselli, also earned their first compass points.  These two Webelos are finishing up their Arrow of Light requirements and next month will cross over to Boy Scout Troop 110.

Two Cubs were also recognized for earning their second Religious Emblems, which are awarded by their faith institutions. Teddy Amsden earned his Aleph Jewish Religious Emblem, and John Gorman earned the Parvuli Dei (Children of God) Catholic Religious Emblem.

The Pack has achieved the gold level -- Boy Scouting's highest ranking for a unit. The packmaster thanked the scouts for their leadership and presented each with a Journey to Excellence Gold Level Unit patch for their uniform.  

For more information about Cub Scouting or to join Pack 108, contact Cubmaster Jim Gorman at or visit the Pack website.

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