'Poor Sales' Forced Closing Of Aubuchon In Northbridge

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Aubuchon Hardware on Church Street in Whitinsville has gone out of business, after being part of the community in Northbridge for 70 years,
Aubuchon Hardware on Church Street in Whitinsville has gone out of business, after being part of the community in Northbridge for 70 years, Photo Credit: Deborah E. Gauthier

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. – The decision to close Aubuchon Hardware on Church Street "was all around sales,’’ said Steve Gasco, vice president of human resources for the company.

"Aubuchon Hardware has been part of the community in Northbridge for 70 years, and the decision to close wasn’t made lightly,’’ Gasco said.

The company first looked for a better location with space to expand, but was unsuccessful, he said.

Poor sales - quite possibly worsened when a Walmart Supercenter opened about a mile away - forced the decision. “Any kind of box store will push business out of town,’’ Gasco said.

The store’s four employees, including manager June Stanovich and assistant manager Dennis Stanovich, have been offered positions at other Aubuchon locations in Webster, Mass. and Putnam, Conn.

Aubuchon is a chain of about 120 hardware stores in New England and New York. Its Chelmsford store is also closing at the end of this year when a lease on its building expires, Gasco said.

The Aubuchon family owns the Whitinsville building and has listed it for sale with Realtor Marty Greene.

Gasco said the company has received several emails from Aubuchon customers upset about its closure. “We hate to upset people, and we’re sorry we are disappointing our loyal customers,’’ he said.

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Comments (8)

Walmart did not steal any of my business that they didn't already have; mainly paint. As far as other hardware, I would never buy it at Walmart. The Walmart at plummers was run way better than the Super Walfart. I'm a landlord and I supported Aubuchon's as much as could. Could I have done better? Certainly I could have; especially if I had known they were in trouble.

Just in the last couple of years, the church at Northbridge Center has closed along with the American Legion Hall in Rockdale and Aubuchon's in Whitinsville. Let this be a lesson to all of us to support our local businesses and institutions as much as possible. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

This closing is a depressing loss for the town. As a lifelong resident, I remember shopping here regularly with my parents, back to my childhood. There once was an Aubuchon store in Rockdale, too! Our first gas-powered lawn mower came from there.
Later, as a homeowner, I shopped at the Whitinsville store for regularly. We bought all our paint and supplies there, furnace filters, garden supplies, tools, even Christmas lights!
Yes, the prices were a bit higher, but the overall cost was less because of the convenient location and excellent, speedy service.
It's a shame that many standalone businesses like this are disappearing. People are lured to the big-box stores because they think they are getting a better deal. Maybe a lower price, but certainly not a better deal!

Great oppurtunity for a new restaurant/bar to open. This town DESPERATELY needs one. We have the population & the demand. There are also 4 other open sites in town that could be home to a nice new restaurant & bar.
I am confident a new & exciting establishment would do excellent in this town, since there is a lack of this currently serving the people of the area.
If there are any entrepreneurs out there interested in parterning let me know.

Tough to support 2 local hardware stores in one town. Lowes never arrived - I don't know how much of a pull Walmart is for competition - can't help though.

I've have the pleasure of going into this Store for 22 Years for Fantastic service from both June and Dennis, I have called the home office a couple of times about
their service! I'm Very glad both were offered Transfers to other locations!


Hopefully same pay and benefits, what about their other employee's?

A BIG NORTHBRIDGE 'THANKYOU' to the wonderful dedicated and caring staff of Aubuchon's!

May we wrap Linus's, Charlie Brown blanket around you all, and we hope the best for all of the staff at the Northbridge Aubuchons.

That is so terrible...It is sad when a family owned business goes under because of the bigger stores. I loved Aubuchon's you could find things there that you couldn't get anywhere else. Not much left on Church St. in Whitinsville anymore. After working in the town I have seen so many businesses come and go. Definitely sad.